As long as I can remember I’ve had a little voice in the back of my head. I studied Spanish, I studied wine, I travelled, lived, and worked in various countries, but still heard the voice. Got married, had a family with 4 daughters….and still, the voice was there. Always saying the same thing:

Kerstin…. Do something with your Creativity!

And seven years ago I finally listened. I set down all my other hats, returned to my roots of drawing, painting, sculpting and became a goldsmith. I attended the Goldsmithing School in Schoonhoven, The Netherlands and instantly fell in love with the craft. Which I have been practicing ever since.

‘And finally, the voice has stopped. And I know that’s because I am doing what I’m supposed to: making beautiful things with my hands. Something that I’ve always wanted to do. Even though I didn’t always knew this.

Beauty is like that. It can be fleeting and temporal. Hard to grasp. Always just outside our reach. Which is why I love art and the process of making jewelry. Because it can be like that too.  Full of symbology, meaning and history. So tangible and tactile – but also like a dream. 

‘A dream we capture, and design into elegance’